Not looking so good from the neck up after my 4 hour hilly ride today, but the legs are holding up okay. Training has been tough this week because we are taking our son to college this weekend. I’ve had to move all my long workouts forward to get them done during the week. So far, this is what my week has been like:

Saturday:  half marathon

Sunday: 3:40 ride

Monday:  3,000 yard swim

Tuesday:  2 hour run and 3,000 yard swim

Wednesday:  Transition workout of 45 minute ride + 30 minute run

Thursday:  4 hour bike

I was supposed to run for 45 minutes after the bike today but I decided against it. I’m feeling good and I don’t want to risk getting hurt with so many miles in such a short period of time. I’ll run tomorrow and Sunday and get a shorter bike in on Saturday. Oh, and one more 3,000 yard swim today or tomorrow, too.

One of the most challenging things about Ironman training is the rigidity of the schedule. With marathon training, I never had an issue moving my long run a few days forward or backwards. With Ironman training, though, the workouts are designed for active recovery between the long sessions and the long sessions are really long, especially now that Ironman Florida is only 10 weeks away.

So now the day is half over and it’s time to take a shower. I’m taking the kids and a couple friends to a favorite burger place that they are going to miss when they go to school and then it’s back home to pack some more.